I am an aspiring Website Designer and Programmer. Building and maintaining websites since early 2002, I have learned the makings of many programming languages in use today. My skills range from general HTML/CSS markup, to extensive SQL querying and PHP/C#/Java/Javscript implementation. I am currently studying Computer Science at Purdue University.

I am available for freelance work. Send me a message.


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  1. CoolNcalm@useast

    hey scope,

    been a while since online and on bnet and stuff and so much has changed. Then to regather bots ofc i go to ur site and what do i get but the “POOF” message! lol I just wanted to say thanks for the “bnetweb” site that u have had up and help, ur inventiveness and respect you have shown to the users of the site. and maybe just a thought or idea…

    Granted bnet is changing to 2.0 “sucks” but in some way shape or form i think the bnet users liked staying in communication with other variouse bnet users even if not on there gaming and stuff. Basically the point is, maybe starting a similar forum site but with sections of the past “bnet” not for bot DLs per say but for like “remember when…” and “remember the user…” and for the users that wish to resign up and let people know who they were on bnet 1.0 and whom they are irl and what they are up to now that bnet has went to sh*t. just so we can all stay in touch some what and still colaborate on ideas, codings, sites, freeware\shareware and variouse stuff!

    Most importantly a thank you from a small but minorly known bnetweb user lol.

    1. Ed

      BnetWeb was a fun project that got me started in the Web Development community. I’m glad it got to the point it did but unfortunately everything has a shelf life (except Twinkies of course) and with the decline of the Battle.net I knew and grew up with BnetWeb also had to go. I may be doing another community of sorts in the future but it will not be centered around one company. More likely include next gen gaming. Thanks for your comment, it’s people like you that made me want to run BnetWeb as long as I did.

  2. xboi209

    Hey is there any way I can host the webbot plugin for Stealthbot myself?

    1. Ed

      Yes and no. WebBot was created using WebSocket technology using node.js Basically it requires an open connection to a running node.js server instance to work. So if you were to run WebBot you would need a host computer running the node.js server. If your interested in running this let me know and I can help you set it up. If not I can see if I can dig out the source for it and throw it up on one of my servers for nostalgia sake.

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